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Caesarea - a Beautiful City in Israel

Author: Natalie Halimi

Caesarea is one of the major tourist attractions in Israel. This city attracts hundreds of tourists because of its unique landscape, beautiful resorts and colorful archaeological sites. Caesarea villas are surrounded by famous antiquities, museums and picture galleries. Built more than 2000 years ago, today Caesarea is a famous tourist attraction, popular among Israel elite groups as one of the most attractive places for living.

Caesarea archaeological attractions remained there from the Roman period. They include a large aqueduct, remnants of fortresses, palaces and beautiful mosaic. Many balustrades and towers continue to remind the visitors of the Roman period in the life of the city. Port city, build by Herod, temple dedicated to Caesar, the ruins of Crusade city and other archeological sites attract thousands of tourists from Israel and countries abroad.

Modern Caesarea real estate includes many villas build in luxurious coastal community. Many business tycoons, such as Arkady Gaidamak, choose it as their home. Caesarea is set between to major cities – Tel-Aviv and Haifa; and Caesarea villas are set within a walking distance from restaurants, beaches and shopping area. There are many sports activities in Caesarea, including tennis, golf, swimming and diving. Quality lifestyle of Caesarea community attracts many people from Israeli elite. Caesarea is

Caesarea is the only locality in Israel managed by a private organization, the “Caesarea Development Corporation”. Caesarea, like other ancient cities, preserves the combination of old and new, of ancient, medieval and modern buildings and styles. The Caesarea attractions are well-known from the ancient times, restored and preserved with utmost care.

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