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Guide To Moving With Children

Moving house can be a real mixture of emotions for your children as well as for you and by making sure that they are happy when it comes to moving day means your day will be much happier too!

Our Moving Guide to moving with children should give you some useful advice for preparing for your moving day and for the big day itself.

  • Try to put yourself in your child's shoes - it's a big upheaval for them; they may be moving from the house they grew up in; moving away from all their friends and their school and everything that they know, so they are bound to be anxious and even scared at not knowing what will lie ahead for them. The weeks leading up to the moving day will likely be the hardest for them as they come to terms with it and prepare to leave.

  • For young children in particular, even a short distance move can feel like thousands of miles! But try to reassure them that important people in your life will still come to visit.

  • Make sure you make arrangements with their old and new schools as early as possible. Their school records will need to be transferred to the new school for example, and it's important that their teachers know of the impending move in case your child's behavior in class changes.

  • Involve your children with the preparation for moving as much as possible. Sorting through with them which toys they want to keep and which ones they don't can be good fun and gives you time to talk about the whole experience of moving.

  • When you're sorting through the toys, remember to leave a couple aside to keep in the days leading up to the move and for the moving day itself so that your child has something to keep them occupied.

  • The best advice if you're moving locally is to have your children stay with friends or family for the day. There's going to be a lot of action happening as your belongings are packed up and you don't want your children to get in the way or be seeking attention all day because you won't have time to give it to them.

  • If you're moving long distance, having your children looked after for the day may not be possible so by keeping aside a few toys and trying to give them as much attention as possible should help.

    Moving Guide with children has provided just a few points which should help you and your children to cope with the moving process.

    For complete moving guide visit our website where you can find lots of information about interstate moving.