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Preparing for Your Long Distance Move

By Eddie Frank

Your long distance moving company will take care of much of the work involved in your relocation to a different city or town. You will not need to worry about the loading or hauling or your personal belongings. However, there are some preparations you can make to save the movers’ time and save your money.

1. Disconnect appliances. You can prepare your appliances for long distance moving by disconnecting them from power and water. If your long distance moving company has to do this service, they may charge you an extra fee. It is easy to do, and will not take you much time.

2. Take down ceiling fans or fixtures you are going to take. Many people have ceiling fans or antique light fixtures that they take with them during long distance moving. If you want to bring these items along, you will save yourself money by taking them down before the moving truck arrives. If the movers are faced with the task, they will contract with an electrician rather than taking the fixtures down themselves. This can run into a lot of money.

3. Get expensive clocks ready for the long distance moving. Grandfather clocks especially need to be taken apart and packed carefully to avoid damage. You will want to have this done well in advance of the move. Clock professionals can both get grandfather clocks ready for long distance moving and put them back together when they arrive.

4. Have your antiques appraised. Before you call the long distance moving company, be sure that you know the value of the antiques you own. A good appraiser will give a detailed description of the item, along with any damage or “character marks” that show its age. This is an official valuation that can be used for insurance purposes if damage is done to your antiques during long distance moving.

5. Consider mailing your books by book rates. Sometimes, long distance moving rates can be lowered if you eliminate the hundreds of pounds of books you might have. Book rates are much cheaper than other mail rates. You might find that you can save money by mailing the books rather than having the long distance moving company haul them to your new location.

You might have to do some of the work and coordination of services to get the long distance moving experience you want. Taking the time to tend to a few small tasks can save you money on the move. Having some items professionally prepared, packed, or appraised can help you make sure that they arrive in good condition. Long distance moving is a job, but a good move is well worth the time you spend.

Eddie Frank is an editorial staff member of California New York Express. To learn more about long distance moving companies and long distance moving companies Los Angeles visit or call 1-888-680-7200.

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