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Discount Mortgage Bank

Bank website: Discount Mortgage Bank

Discount Mortgage Bank Ltd., one of Israel's leading mortgage banks, has offered financing services to international customers for over four decades. At Discount Mortgage Bank, we go the extra mile by providing dedicated personal service at the highest professional standards. We deliver tailored assistance and counseling to guide you smoothly through the mortgage process, facilitating timely receipt of your personalized loan and desired property. Discount Mortgage Bank. For People Who Don’t Like Mortgages.

Discount Mortgage Bank provides loans for a variety of purposes: Mortgages to buy or build homes Mortgages to buy or build commercial assets, including offices and stores All-purpose loans by mortgaging an already-owned residential property Loans to real-estate developers and financial advisory services for projects under construction.

Phone: 03-7107333
Fax: 03-5661708
P.O.B. 2844, 16-18 Simtat Beit Ha'shoeva St Tel Aviv 61027

To Ensure you recived the attention you desrve we invite you to contact us by telephone 972-3-7131402, 972-52-8017302, or email eiris@dmb.co.il

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