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Bank of Jerusalem

Bank website: Bank Jerusalem

Bank of Jerusalem’s "Morefor"TM Mortgage Program - Mortgages for Foreign Residents

In order to qualify for a loan the borrower must submit an application form,
which includes personal and financial information, as well as information regarding the property offered as collateral.
The application form must be completely filled out and submitted together with the relevant documentation (e.g., copy of passport, income tax returns, portfolio statement, title documentation).
An appraisal report is required and the cost varies according to the value of the property.
Olim Hadashim (subject to their eligibility) are able to combine a dollar loan together with a government subsidized loan.

Bank of Jerusalem, Ltd. (est. 1963) is a public corporation traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Bank is controlled by Export Investment Corp., Ltd., a public company controlled by the Shoval family.
In August 1998, Bank of Jerusalem received a commercial banking license from the Bank of Israel, replacing the financial-institution license that it had held until then.
By obtaining this license, Bank of Jerusalem completed its transformation into a commercial bank that specializes in real estate, the capital market, and international banking.
Bank of Jerusalem is headquartered in Jerusalem and has seventeen branches around the country.

International private banking

Branch Manager: Hillel Suna
Phone: 02-6774777
Fax: 02-5671601
Address: 39 Keren Hayesod St, Jerusalem (due to renovations, we will be temporarily relocating our offices to The Dan Panorama Hotel)

Branch Manager: Ilan Sharvit
Phone: 02-6706060
Fax: 02-6234043
Address: 2 Herbert Samuel St. 91022

Tel Aviv
Branch Manager: David Fried
Phone: 03-7952200
Fax: 03-5106071
Address: 9 Ahad Ha-am St. (Shalom Tower) 65251

Geula- Jerusalem
Branch Manager: Shmuel Deutsch
Phone: 02-5090200
Fax: 02-5376423
Address: 10 Ya’akov Meir St. 95513

Haifa (52)
Branch Manager: Sarit Maskit
Phone: 04-8671485
Fax: 04-8673227
Address: 9 Pal Yam St. 33095

Rishon Leziyon
Branch Manager: Rony Rahmian
Phone: 03-9667316
Fax: 03-9665579
Address: 63 Herzl St. 75267

Branch Manager: Moty Asis
Phone: 08-6282240
Fax: 08-6105545
Address: 90 Hadasa St. 84000

Bene Beraq
Branch Manager: Yitzchk Chasdiel
Phone: 03-6141300
Fax: 03-5703176
Address: 2 Chason Ish St., corner of Rabbi Akiva St. 51520

Branch Manager: Achmad Mahamid
Phone: 04-6569059
Fax: 04-6562359
Address: 1100 st’ 2 16000

Petah Tiqva
Branch Manager: Rami Badash
Phone: 03-9309729
Fax: 03-9345144
Address: 12 Ha-hagana St. (pedestrian mall) 49591

Branch Manager: Ronen Kimhi
Phone: 08-8534255
Fax: 08-8534233
Address: 11 Rogozin St. 77273

Branch Manager: Shimon Hazot
Phone: 08-6755527
Fax: 08-6755521
Address: 5 Herzl St. 78601

Branch Manager: Tzvika Spieler
Phone: 03-5037501
Fax: 03-5037525
Address: 28 Sokolow St. 58256

Branch Manager: Nachi Schwfrzblat
Phone: 09-8829273
Fax: 09-8628972
Address: 45 Herzl St. 42390

Haifa Suburbs
Branch Manager: Rachel Meitav
Phone: 04-8773801
Fax: 04-8773798
Address: 192 Derekh Akko, Qiryat Bialik 27000

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