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Leumi Mortgage Bank

Bank website: Leumi Mortgage Bank

Leumi Mortgage, the leading mortgage bank in Israel, helps thousands of Families every year achieve their dream of owning their own home. At Leumi Mortgage, we guide you through your first steps and help you determine the most suitable mortgage program for your needs.

Leumi Mortgage offers foreign residents the opportunity to apply for a special mortgage to buy real estate in Israel.

Leumi Mortgage provides loans to finance the purchase, construction and renovation of real estate properties, or for other purposes, with such financing secured by an existing residential property in Israel.

Leumi Mortgage also helps facilitate home purchase loans to "eligible persons," as certified by the Ministry of Building and Housing. These government loans are provided for by the national budget, or are subsidized by the Ministry of the Treasury. In addition, borrowers receive supplementary loans out of Leumi Mortgage funds.

Phone: 03-5648444
Fax: 03-5648334
P.O.B. 69, 31-37 Montefiori St, Tel Aviv 65201
For Help: Dial *3200 or +972-3-9544188

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